Preview of The Village of Fenney

The latest Vmail video is out and it’s all about the progress taking place in The Village of Fenney. Trolley tours will take place during the week-long Grand Opening starting February 27. Take a look:

The Villages 2016 MLS Resales Stats

Last week I wrote about The Villages 2016 new home sales stats, and this week I’m back with the MLS (resales) stats.

In 2016, a total of 1,096 sales took place through the MLS.

Keep in mind that these stats do not include resales sold by/through the developer’s resale division, which does not participate in the MLS.

If we take the developer at their word that their resale arm (non-MLS) accounts for 60-70% of all resales, then we can ballpark that there were around 3,000 resales sold in 2016.

In the chart below, you can see which price brackets accounted for the most sales in the MLS:


As you would expect the $150k-$300k price range saw the most sales.

In this next image you can see total number of sales, average sales price, total volume, and average days on the market in the MLS:


Compare that to stats from 2015:


…and you can see that the volume of sales through the MLS is up 18%.

As I’ve said for years, as the developer sells fewer new homes, the number of resales will increase.

There aren’t less people interested in moving to The Villages. There are just fewer new homes in prime areas, and so many more newcomers are choosing to look more closely at resales in the better areas.

Some people thinking about buying a home in The Villages blindly work solely with the developer…either out of ignorance or convenience…looking at new homes they are building, and resales that they represent.

These people are missing out on 30-40% of resale inventory that they could be seeing if they were working with a Realtor that has access to the MLS.

I make it easy for readers to get connected with an agent and see the 30-40% of resale homes their currently missing.

You can learn more about that here.

The Villages 2016 Year in Review

The latest Vmail video is out and it’s all about the good things that went on in 2016 and what Villagers have to look forward to in 2017 and beyond. Take a look:

The Villages sold 1,966 new homes in 2016

For the first time in a number of years, The Villages no longer holds the title of Top-Selling Master Planned Community.

According to John Burns Real Estate Consulting, in 2016 The Villages sold 1,966 new homes. That’s down 14% from the previous year when they sold 2,294 homes.

“The Villages masterplan, a retiree haven located north of Orlando, finally showed signs of running out of lots while also raising prices on the remaining homes, selling 1,966 homes after many years of exceeding 2,800 sales annually.”

This drops them to the #2 spot on the list, behind Irvine Ranch out in California, which sold 1,989 homes.

To put things in perspective though, The Villages still sold more than the #3 and #4 communities on the list combined.

So, still pretty incredible numbers, though down a little from what we’re used to seeing. Totally expected as new home inventory dwindles.

Clubs and Activities

There are currently more than 2,000 organized clubs and activities in The Villages.

The Villages Recreation Department manages what is known as the world’s largest recreation program.

You can learn more about The Villages Recreation Department and their mission here.

You can probably imagine some of the predictable clubs and activities that are available. But what are some of the clubs and activities that you can find in The Villages?

How about:

– All Things Celtic
– Bonsai Club
– Ford Retirees (… and there are several other clubs made up of Alumni from various schools and retirees from big companies)
– Geocaching Club
– Home Brewers Club ( … and 13 different AA groups at last count)
– Orchid Growers
– Wisconsin Club
– … too many others to list.

You can download a full list of Clubs and Activities here.

There’s truly something for everyone. And if you get here and find The Villages doesn’t have a club or activity you were looking for, The Villages Recreation Department can help you start it and recruit your first members.