Clubs and Activities

There are currently more than 1,700 organized clubs and activities in The Villages.

The Villages Recreation Department manages what is known as the world’s largest recreation program, and they were recently recognized by The Villages Homeowner’s Association as “2010 Partner of the Year” for all their hard work and contributions to the lifestyle Villagers get to enjoy everyday.

In the article about The Villages Recreation Department, The VHA writes:

Fifty-four Regional, Villages and Neighborhood Centers include space for large and small gatherings, neighborhood and Village-wide programs and events. The Villages has 54 sport, adult and family swimming pools, about 100 billiard tables, over 100 tennis courts, over 100 pickleball courts, nine softball fields, and countless shuffle board, bocce, and horseshoe sites. The recreation center meeting rooms, card rooms, craft rooms and theaters are very busy every day supporting the hundreds of clubs and activities, special programs and events … and still have some room for more. The Recreation Department oversees the operation and management of all of these facilities, including primary responsibility for their security. In order to maintain and preserve the high quality of these amenity facilities, the Recreation Department issued about 235,000 guest ID cards in 2010, and scanned over 1.5 million ID cards at recreation access points.

It has to truly be an amazing undertaking. You can learn more about The Villages Recreation Department and their mission here.

You can probably imagine some of the predictable clubs and activities that are available. But what are some of the unique or just plain strange clubs and activities that you can find in The Villages? How about:

– All Things Celtic
– Bonsai Club
– Ford Retirees (… and there are several other clubs made up of Alumni from various schools and retirees from big companies)
– Geocaching Club
– Home Brewers Club ( … and 13 different AA groups at last count)
– Orchid Growers
– Wisconsin Club (not really unique or strange, but the cheese heads are no doubt celebrating this month after the Super Bowl win)
– … too many to list.

You can download a full list of Clubs and Activities here.

There’s truly something for everyone. And if you get here and find The Villages doesn’t have a club or activity you were looking for, The Villages Recreation Department can help you start it and recruit your first members.

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