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Your “Virtual Tour Guide” to The Villages®, featuring 28 videos covering the essential information you need to know about America’s most popular community.


I’m Ryan Erisman, and since 2007 my book Inside the Bubble has armed thousands of potential future residents of The Villages® with the information they need to make smart decisions about whether or not The Villages® is right for them.

But there’s only so much information you can get across through words on a page.

For example I can write about a town square or a specific part of the community, but unless someone can actually see it for themselves, it’s kind of hard to imagine.

A medium such as video however, opens up a world of possibilities as far as thats concerned, and that’s precisely where Inside The Bubble Essentials comes in.

Members of Inside The Bubble Essentials have access to 28 videos, featuring guided home and neighborhood tours, in-depth learning videos, and more.

If you are thinking about buying a home in The Villages® in the future, this program will prepare you for the questions and challenges you are about to face better than anything else.

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Here’s Why Other People Have Joined Recently…

“I currently live in Las Vegas, Nevada, but moved here from Florida in 1999. Want to move back to Florida for retirement. I am interested in the Villages, and happy you supply needed information.” – Catherine

“We live in Grand Rapids, Michigan and are considering the Villages but looking at other Orlando area retirement properties.” – Amy

“We are considering moving to the villages we have been looking at Del Webb in Orlando and Solivita. trying to make the decision that’s why we are getting your book and your videos like everybody else.” – Bill

“I have friends who have lived in TV for 5 years and have been encouraging me to come there I have been trying to gather as much information about the Villages before making a final decision.” – Sherry

“We haven’t been able to get to down there to see it for ourselves yet and this is a great way to visit the areas to understand more of the layout and style of the area. Certainly worth the cost. Also good motivation to keep us moving forward.” – Susan

“The idea of helping me pick the right place sounded very interesting – I am only familiar with the Villages and know there are many more options out there. I want to know what all my options are before I commit. Of course this is ~ 10 years in the future, but you never know what life will bring and it may be sooner than later.” – Glee

“A few weeks ago, we were at The Villages for a Lifestyle preview week. We have been thinking about a retirement place for a few years. The Villages seem amazing. However, we are still wondering if it is too good to be true. Our present thought is to purchase a home and rent it. This would ease our transition anxieties until we are ready to make the leap.” – Gene

“We know that we want to move to Florida. We are trying to determine whether we want to end up in Boynton Beach, Tampa area or the Villages. My concern with the villages is the size. I do like the idea of all the activities available.” – Mark

You Don’t Have To Go It Alone Anymore

You could try and figure this all out yourself.

And you know what? With a couple hundred hours of research and lots of trial and error, you could probably do it.

But researching The Villages can be a full-time job, and if you’re like most of my readers, you already have one of those!

Let me take on this task and be your “virtual tour guide” to The Villages. I’ve spent the last 8 years of my life doing the research and helping others get the result you are now trying to achieve. And I share everything I know inside this program.

Looks great on all of your devices...desktop, laptop, tablet, and phone.
Looks great on all of your devices…desktop, laptop, tablet, and phone.

Inside the Bubble Essentials features…

Guided Home Tours

tva-home-toursOne of the hardest things to do is look at a floorplan and really figure out what a home is like. Well you can kick that idea to the curb. With Inside the Bubble Essentials you’ll see photo and video tours of some of the most popular types of homes in The Villages.

By the time you’re ready to purchase you’ll know exactly what you like and what you don’t like.


Neighborhood Video Tours

tva-tours-smallWhere you choose to buy in The Villages is just as important as what you buy. Get an inside look at the most popular neighborhoods and the amenities nearby.

Inside the Bubble Essentials will give you a good handle on the “lay of the land” and you’ll know what areas are most desirable and for what reasons.


In-Depth Learning Modules

itb-rentals-vidSometimes its just easier to have concepts explained to you through video and audio rather than just reading about them.

In these video lectures I’ll make you an expert on concepts foreign to most people, outside of The Villages most in-the-know residents. Topics include CDD’s, amenity fees, how the various arms of local government work, and more.

And believe it or not, you’ll also get these great bonuses…

Bonus #1: Resident Interview Series ($27 value)

Imagine being able to sit down over lunch or coffee with a resident of The Villages and having the chance to ask them everything you want to know about moving to, and living in The Villages. With my resident interview series, you are able to do just that. Conducting these interviews was pure FUN for me. I’ve enjoyed getting to know these Villagers from all kinds of different backgrounds, and each with their own Villages experience. I think you’ll agree that their willingness to share their stories and educate future “Villagers” is pretty inspiring.

When you join Inside the Bubble Essentials you’ll get access to a 56-page eBook containing all of the interviews I’ve conducted to date.

Bonus #2: Pick the Right Place e-Course ($47 value)

Everyone who signs up for Inside the Bubble Essentials this week will actually see TWO courses in their member library when they login on Monday.

Pick the Right Place is a logically organized system to walk you step-by-step through the process of figuring out where to retire, and guiding you through all the steps required to actually make it a reality.

52% of my readers say that one of their greatest fears about retirement is moving to the wrong place.

That’s second only to not having enough assets or income.

Pick the Right Place is broken down into the three logical segments…Location, Community, and Home…and includes video content, downloads, and worksheets designed to arm you with the knowledge to make confident decisions about where you want to retire.

And it’s yours when you sign-up for Inside the Bubble Essentials by Sunday night.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I access Inside the Bubble Essentials on my tablet or iPad?
Inside the Bubble Essentials is easily accessible on your tablet or iPad so you can enjoy the content anywhere with an internet connection.

Is this program live? What if I can’t make it to the sessions?

I’ve got great news. You have NOTHING to worry about. The content is all prerecorded videos. You can go through them at your leisure. No need to show up anywhere live.

Also, you can go through Inside the Bubble Essentials at your own pace. Because when you enroll today, you get lifetime access to all of the training material.

And, there’s absolutely NO RISK to enrolling right now, because…

I’ve Got A Rock-Solid 30-Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

30-day-badgeTry Inside the Bubble Essentials for 30 days…

…100% RISK FREE.

If you feel like you don’t get full satisfaction from the program, email me before the 31st day, and I’ll happily refund your full payment.

Even if you think there’s a “slight chance” you would benefit from all of these videos about The Villages, you should join today, because you can try the material risk free…and decide if it’s right for you over the next 30 days.


The Complete Inside the Bubble Essentials program
This includes lifetime access to all the videos, worksheets, checklists and downloads.

Resident Interview Series
When you join Inside the Bubble Essentials you’ll get access to a 56 page eBook containing all of the interviews I’ve conducted to date.

Pick the Right Place
Pick the Right Place is a logically organized system to walk you step-by-step through the process of figuring out where to retire, and guiding you through all the steps required to actually make it a reality.

$47 (One-Time Fee)