How to Find a Golf Cart Rental

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When visiting The Villages, you might want to rent a golf cart. It is after all the primary mode of transportation around here with almost 50,000 carts zipping around the neighborhood.

If you are visiting on The Villages Lifestyle preview program, your rental will come with a golf cart. However, as many people have written in to me about, you might be disappointed with the performance:

Our lifestyle preview included a golf cart that was governed to not exceed 12MPH.  What a joke!  Golf carts were tailgating us and passing us left and right the entire week.

Fortunately, there are several alternatives, some of which I list below. Keep in mind that several factors go in to what you will end up paying to rent a golf cart and the choices available to you.

These factors include time of year (during the busy season Jan-April many places don’t have carts available), how many seats you need (2 or 4 usually), the speed of the carts, whether or not they have enclosures (tip: you definitely want enclosures), and how long you want to rent for.

Most companies rent on a weekly or monthly basis, but some rent by the day if that’s what you need. Call and see what you can work out.

In no particular order (and remember, we do not represent or endorse any of these companies) here are some potential options for you:

Jim Followell – 352-259-7525

Foremost Carts & Accessories – (352) 638-1618

H and H Rentals

Grandpa and Grandma’s Villages Buggies – 352-552-8478

Villages Golf Cart Man – 352-674-9400

If all of the above fail, The Villages Golf Cart Store usually has rentals available, but keep in mind that most of their rentals will be the slow kind that you get through the lifestyle preview program.


  1. Barbara Hocking says

    I rent carts in The Villages for 9 years and am known as the golf cart lady in The Villages at Best Carts by Mallory. I have excellent carts, with most options available at great prices. My number is 352 259 8395 People love my carts and I get a lot of referrals. FYI

  2. says

    The Golf Cart Man has both Street Legal and regular golf carts…. The street legal are much faster and do not have to stay on cart paths. Can actually be driven on all road with speed limits of 35mph or less. You can actually cross the highway legally as long as it is at an intersection. Must have DL and car insurance to rent one of these.

  3. Karen Warren says

    I called Foremost Carts & Accessories and talked to Matt,the owner. He was leaving town on the day I needed it delivered so he said he would bring the cart over 3 days early and not charge me. I said that was fine and thanked him. He said he would bring it over tomorrow morning between 9:30 – 10:00 am. Well, the next day he called to tell me that he found someone to deliver it Sat. that he was sure I didn’t want a cart just sitting around. I said that was like giving someone a present and now you want to take it back. He got upset and said I don’t believe we can do business and hung up. Obviously, it was not handled in a professional matter. You don’t make a deal with someone then re-neg.

  4. ron overholt says

    I amlooking at a rental for the month of november with no golf cart where is the best place to rent from.

  5. Zande Cox says

    Just so you know. Villages Golf Cart Man -352-674-9400 is no longer renting golf carts. I called today 1-2-13 and was told they were fazing out the renting of golf carts. : (

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