Interview With Founder Keith Adee

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Keith AdeeCan you describe your background?

I am a Korean Vet, married for 54 years to the finest lady you will ever meet, and am an entrepreneur by nature. I have built several businesses over the years and then sold them, I have even invented a couple of items. I’ve also written a movie script and enjoy writing poetry and am now deeply involved in maintaining, and further developing, an Internet Information Website.

Where did you live before moving to The Villages?

Albany, NY……Buffalo NY……..Ft Lauderdale..Fl…….The Villages

How long have you lived in The Villages?

Nine years

Do you continue to work (even if part-time), or are you fully retired?

I came here to retire, but did not enjoy the lack of accomplishment opportunities that retirement offered, so I started an Information Website for the residents  and have built it into the biggest information site here in The Villages (over 20,000 pages of Information). Almost anything anyone wants to know about The Villages, they can find it on

What originally attracted you to The Villages? 

The Unique Lifestyle that is such a major part of everything that happens here. I was also very impressed with  the way it is kept up.

What do you like most AND least about The Villages?

Most: The thought put into every detail, like the thought that went into each building, the layout of both squares – and the new Brownwood square currently being designed.  Also, the flowers and greenery, the entertainment and most of all the friendly nature that everyone just seems to put on like a banner when they come to The Villages.

Least: The very controlled environment, especially the Media, resulting from having one organization run everything.

Can you describe an ideal day AND an ideal evening for you in The Villages?

Having my morning coffee on the deck watching the golfers “putt out” on the ninth green.

Then reading the newspaper, working in my garden, working on my website, having a nice lunch with friends, adding something new  to the Website, having an afternoon cocktail.

Going out for supper, dancing and conversing with friends, maybe playing some cards and watching the news before going to bed in the world’s safest community.

If someone were limited to one lunch and one dinner in The Villages, where would you tell them to eat?

This is hard to answer since there are so many good places to eat, but even more so, since many are customers of mine on and I don’t want to show any favoritism.

Do you play golf? If so, about how many times per week and what is your favorite course? 

Have not played in several years because of bad shoulders, but now (after operation) I am going to start again.  I even had my golf grips replaced by Buy Grips 4 Less recently. I think Glenview is probably my favorite course.

Do you play any other sports?

Not lately. Used to play just about everything.

What clubs or activities are you involved with?

Buffalo Western New York Club, Spanish Club, Chula Vista Club,
Play a lot of cards, we dance a lot, love to travel.

How often do you venture out of The Villages and where do you go?

Cruises, road trips, do a lot of weekend getaways. Love Italy, England, Monaco, The Islands, love the Gulf Coast, the Keys and Disney World.

Quality of healthcare is important to many people considering The Villages. What is your experience with that, if any? How about health insurance? Do you have insurance as part of a retirement package from your employer or did you have to get your own insurance after moving to Florida?

The health care system here in The Villages is extremely good. If you cannot find a Doctor for what you want it here in The Villages, you can also find very good Doctors in Ocala and Leesburg.

We are retired and have Medicare, and I have the VA, so Insurance is not an issue for us.

If you had it to do over again, is there anything you would change about your move to The Villages (type of home you chose, neighborhood, etc.)? What additional advice would you give someone considering retiring to The Villages?

No, we would not change anything. We are in our second house here, it is  right on the golf course and we love it. 

If I were to give any advice, I would say rent first and then pick where you want (what area) to live.  Then get a good realtor (licensed) and let them help you find a home, preferably without a home directly behind you.  I can recommenced a great realtor…… Mary Jane Adee (I suppose I might be a little prejudiced since I have been married to her for a long time).

I would also suggest that they go to to learn as much about the area as possible so they can make their best decision.

Anything else you’d like to add for our readers?

Just rise early, thank God that you are on the right side of the grass,and keep smiling for for the rest of the day. Oh, one more thing, do something good for someone before you go to bed. You will sleep better.

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