Problems In The Villages

I get at least 2-3 emails a week asking me something along the lines of “Everything people say about The Villages seems too good to be true. What are the problems in The Villages that we need to know about?”

Great question.

While it wouldn’t be practical for me to cover all of the problems in The Villages, what I will do in this article is cover a few of the problems facing The Villages today, and point out a few of the resources (websites/publications/books) where you can go to learn more and keep an eye on the less “rosy” issues going on in The Villages. I list all of these resources and several more in my book, so if you haven’t purchased a copy yet, what are you waiting for? 🙂

Probably the #1 problem facing The Villages today, and a question I’m asked about frequently, is the IRS case vs. The Villages. When this issue came up last year, it was big news locally and the story even got picked up by some National websites and publications. Since that time though, the articles and chatter on this have died down. According to the most recent issue of the Property Owner’s Association (POA) Bulletin, the District Counsel states that “the investigation is ongoing and no recent updates have been provided by the IRS.”

On page 11 in the same issue of the POA Bulletin you will read about a construction problem that has “bubbled” up recently in The Villages. Specifically, this is a shingle problem with certain types of homes in The Villages where the shingles have proven to be defective and can lead to a leaky roof. Most original owners are having no problems getting the shingle manufacturer to respond with a fix or replacement, but people who bought pre-owned homes are being told that the product warranty did not automatically transfer to them when they bought the pre-owned home. This issue is also covered in the July 2010 issue of The Villages Voice (published by The Villages Homeowner’s Association).

Some things that people consider problems are actually positives for others. Compared with most communities, The Villages is a very active and involved community. Some call this “people always being nosy or in your business” but most Villagers call it “looking out for each other”. If you want to move somewhere and just be left alone, you might want to consider somewhere other than The Villages.

Another issue is restrictions. There are a lot of restrictions in The Villages and they vary based on where you live. If you’ve lived in a restricted community before, you might be used to most of these, but if you live somewhere that you have free reign to do what you want to your home and property, you might be in for a shock. The bottom line is most Villagers don’t see this as a problem, but rather a means to keep the community looking great.

The last issue I’ll touch on is the age restriction issue. As you probably know, The Villages is a 55+ Community, and its part of the reason why people choose to retire to The Villages. But some people have issues with that and consider it a problem. This topic (along with various other topics I’ll leave to your imagination) are covered in Andrew Blechman’s book titled Leisureville: Adventures in a World Without Children. You should definitely pick up a copy if you’re thinking about moving to The Villages, but take it all with a grain of salt 🙂

Here’s a few of the sites where I recommend you go to keep up with all the problems (both real and imagined) facing The Villages:

Property Owner’s Association – Be sure to read their monthly bulletin
The Villages Homeowner’s Association
Talk of The Villages (great forum made up of current and future residents)


  1. The Pedersen's says

    I thoroughly enjoy your book and your informative updates! We were planning to be Villagers already however the real estate market everywhere else but the Villages isn’t very productive…so we wait to sell our home in NY first..but we are planning to be Villagers soon we hope! Thanks for your updates – keep them coming 🙂
    M Pedersen

  2. thevillagesfloridabook says

    Thanks for the kind words. Good luck with the sale of your home up north.

  3. Terry Shilling says

    Retirement Paradise creates hundreds of criminals. Hundreds of people have been charged with criminal offences for driving their golf carts over twenty miles per hour. That’s right not a simple traffic offense but a Criminal Offense that require them to show up in Sumter County Criminal Court. Some people have gotten sick worrying about the charges as they have never been charged with a Criminal Offense in their sixty plus years. Now all these criminals will live in THE VILLAGES. The next police round up of criminals could include these criminals.

  4. Robert/Karen Duarte says

    So we have been here since 03/12. GIVE US A BREAK. Right now there is not a lot we like here. too many clubs, too many activities and a lot of questions about the narcissum.
    MAny people are giving and wonderful – but want recongnitions. Not us. This place has become too BIG, TOO IMPERSONAL. Stop now. it needs to break down. Too much.
    We want to recoop what we have done because this is such an impersonal place to live despite the slogan.
    We believe that people are runnign away from something- don’t know what and drow it into their very selfish and RUDE behavior.
    Sorry we moved here, hope to somehow to recoop our investment some day but now stuck here. This is NOT PARADISE and other pepole need to know that

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