Test Your Knowledge of The Villages

The Villages Quiz
Welcome to The Villages Aptitude Test, a fun little quiz to test your knowledge of The Villages. I hope you enjoy this little diversion and find it cool enough to share with your friends!

Let us know how you did by sharing your score in the comments below.


  1. JoAnn says

    Love your emails, very informative. Fun quiz – – – but what are the correct answers???

  2. Bruce Gintoft says

    The questions do not show on my laptop. I am running on Mac OS, so I don’t know if that has something to do with it.

  3. Bruce Gintoft says

    Found out why it would not print. I used the Safari browser. I changed to using the Firefox browser and all is well.

  4. Diane Grysko says

    The questions aren’t coming up, therefore I can’t take the quiz, unfortunately.

  5. cathie hines says

    Fun quiz. Knew more than I thought. Don’t know why so many people having problems. Questions came right up and the answers were at the end after my score.

  6. Celine Petrie says

    Fun quiz! Disappointed I got 3 wrong since I have lived here for almost 7 years. I had no idea there is a catfish in LSL, never mind that he has a name!

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