The Villages on Forbes 2016 Best Places to Retire List


Forbes (finally) gets with it.

The Villages has been mentioned in Forbes a number of times for different things including America’s Fastest-Growing Small Towns and Best Small Places for Business and Career.

But as far back as I’ve been following The Villages and the Forbes list of Best Places to Retire, every year The Villages has been noticeably absent.

Until now.

The Villages joins three other Florida cities on the list, including Cape Coral, Clermont, and Largo.

The list is comprised of 25 places across the country, but their order is not ranked, so that no one place can claim to be Number 1.

Why the Snub in Prior Years?

I think part of the reason The Villages didn’t make the list in prior years is because people weren’t sure how to classify it.

Is it a community?

Is it a town?

Is it a city?

Now that it’s grown to a size of more than 115,000 people and has been designated a metropolitan area by the Census Bureau, it seems to be making it onto more of these type lists.

What Forbes Said About The Villages:

“The Villages is a senior-citizen-oriented place 60 miles northwest of Orlando. The climate is warm. Average yearly high temperature is 82 degrees; average yearly low is 64 degrees. The area gets 49 inches a year of rain, but no snow. Air quality is good. The local economy is solid. According to the U.S. Census, in 2015, for the third year in the row, The Villages was the fastest growing metropolitan area in the country. Indeed, back in 2000, its population was only 10,000.”

That last bit is interesting.

Some might argue that The Villages was actually a better place to retire back when it was smaller.

Maybe not 10,000 people small, but 40,000-75,000 small.

As I’ve mentioned in some of my other articles and emails, a lot of people are considering The Villages to be too big now, and are exploring other nearby alternatives.

Either way, it’s still neat to see it on a prestigious list such as this.

Here’s the rest of the Forbes list, if you’re interested:

Forbes 2016 Best Places to Retire

Apache Junction, AZ

Bella Vista, AR

Colorado Springs, CO

Athens, GA

Meridian, ID

Lexington, KY

Traverse City, MI

Columbia, MO

Lincoln, NE

North Carolina
Brevard, NC
Mount Airy, NC

North Dakota
Fargo, ND

Corvallis, OR

Pittsburgh, PA

South Carolina
Bluffton, SC

Smyrna, TN

Abilene, TX
Grand Prarie, TX
San Marcos, TX

Blacksburg, VA

Walla Walla, WA

You can see the original Forbes Best Places to Retire 2016 story here.