The Villages Senior Games Set to Open

Senior Games Athlete
The Villages Senior Games is a fun-filled competition that gives athletes over the age of 50 the opportunity to take part in various sports with other athletes of similar ages and abilities.

Events held in The Villages are open to anyone over the age of 50 no matter where they live, so its not just residents only. The Villages Senior Games is sanctioned by the Florida Sports Foundation, and many of the events are qualifiers for the Florida Senior Games State Championships held later this year, December 7-15 in Tallahassee, so athletes from all over come to The Villages to compete and try to qualify.

This year the games start on April 1 and run through October 20, with the “Celebration of Athletes” featuring music and a light dinner taking place on April 8 from 4-6pm at Saddlebrook Softball Complex.

During the Games athletes compete against others in their own age bracket, and brackets are broken out into 5-year increments starting with the 50 to 54 age group and reaching up to 100 and older. You can compete down in age group, but of course you can’t play up.

The first, second and third place winners also receive gold, silver and bronze medals respectively, while the fourth and fifth place winners will receive a runner-up ribbon.

Some of the competitions featured at The Villages Senior Games include regular Olympic-style sports such as track and field, tennis, table tennis, swimming and basketball.

Other competitions include bowling, shuffleboard, golf, horseshoes, badminton, bocce, and more.

The top five winners in each age group for each qualifying event earn the opportunity to compete in the Florida International Senior Games and State Championships.

Villagers have typically enjoyed good success at the State Senior Games, with more than 100 residents usually coming home with Gold, Silver or Bronze Medals.

Good luck to all participants, and if you aren’t competing, get out there and watch some of the competitions.

The headquarters for The Villages Senior Games is at:

La Hacienda Regional Recreation Center
1200 Avenida Central – The Villages
Monday – Friday: 8:30am-5:00pm
Phone: (352) 753-1716

A full schedule of events is available at


  1. says

    Dear Ryan , I have been competing in senior games for 12 yrs now , state and nationals competions,in track and field and softball . The villages provide us with our equipment and a place to use them. We also have the best retired college coaches to help with our training ,and help us be the best we can be . I love being here and loving the life style. Madelaine Tiny. Cazel

  2. says

    hi ryan
    I have been competing in senior games for 9 years now, state, nationals, and world senior competitions. the villages has not yet provided us with a gymnasium that we have requested since before I even started practicing 9 years ago. there are wonderful retired high school and college coaches that work very hard training us. it would be nice if we could have a place to practice all the indoor sports we have. there I no where to practice and learn what we need to know for competitions. we also love being in the villages and the life style, but we really need a gym for volleyball, basketball, floor hockey, badmittion, line dancing, etc…………. our volleyball team hosts 22 teams during our state competitions and we would love to offer new players the opportunity to see the villages and a great gym to play at while they are looking for their new lifestyle!!! betsy acquaviva

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