Villages of Fruitland Park

At the ripe “old” age of 41, The Villages apparently decided it needed more fruit in its diet…Fruitland Park that is.

Neighboring town Fruitland Park, currently home to about 4,000 residents has signed a deal that would allow The Villages to build the “Villages of Fruitland Park”, slated to include more than 2,000 new homes and three community centers within its boundaries. reports that 2,038 houses, including Premier homes priced from $750,000, more than 1,700 Designer homes priced from $500,000, and 189 Villas priced from $220,000 will be built, amounting to more than $1 Billion in sales.

Some have suggested that The Villages could sell out the lot of them in the course of a years time.

Though the plans had a few opponents in the early going, most could not take their eyes off the many benefits of having The Villages move in, including the tremendous tax base increase that will fill the city’s coffers.

Things are expected to move fast on this project and we’ll keep you posted here.

(This post was excerpted from the September issue of The Villages Monthly)


  1. Steven Lipton says

    I read the book “Leisureville” and it has scared me away from buying a home in The Villages.

  2. says

    I would like to know what they are going to do about the roads, The traffic is bad now what is going to happen when they build homes without having more to get out are in the villages. it is a mess now.

  3. John Schatvet says

    I read “Leisureville” too and, to me, the author sounded a bit “sour-grapesish.” About to arrive back in TV for my 6th winter, I’m delighted that I bought a winter home there. My rough guess is that my home has appreciated 20 to 25% since I bought it.

    About the Village of Fruitland Park; I’d love to see a map showing where it will be and how it will “connect” to the present Villages.

  4. Susan Mistele says

    I also read “Leisureville”. It was definitely written by someone who is too young to retire, so he was looking for something wrong with the concept of retirement. He totally neglected to talk about all of the donations and volunteerism that is happening here. I have been here 8 years and haven’t seen anything better.

  5. says

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